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Name:Ruian Ruixin Printing & Packing Machinery Factory
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Equipment: Computer Gravure Printing Machine
Equipment Type: Complete Plant
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Main Features: 1. The Computer high speed gravure printing machine is fixed by permutation composition, according to the customers’ requirement the printing color unit can be increased or decreased. 2. The main motor adopts with vector frequency motor (work with vector inverter) 3. Pneumatic back pressure shifting blade, non-shaft Pneumatic of Cone Top installation. It is convenient to change edition. 4. It is adopted with full auto Tension controller and magnetic powder brake to control. 5. Printing and traction pressure rubber roller are both adopted with pneumatic unit to control; Pneumatic back pressure shifting blade. 6. Temperature of electric-heating intelligently constant control. Longer closed oven, can save energy and quicken drying. 7. Ink cycle system, Inflatable folding axis. 8. High precision of gear wheel box, adopts with patent technology. 9. Unwind and Rewind are both double working mechanism make the material with non-stop. 10. It can elect different computer flashed boundary and stationary checking figure.
Description: This machine is suitable for Foil、 BOPP、PET、PVC、 PE、CPP 、and Rolling Paper etc. with good printing performance of rolling material for multicolor continuous printing.
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